Unsolved Mysteries Involving The Supernatural That Still Can’t Be Explained

7. A Suffolk Sea Dragon

Off the coast of Suffolk in 1749, fishermen found a sea dragon caught in the net among their fish. It had the head of an alligator, wings, and hooves. They brought it to shore and beat it to death. When they opened the net, it flew into the air; one man was injured and died while another was able to capture it. The fisherman showed its carcass across their country.

6. A Spirited Rescue

In December 1783, John Thomas was walking at night when he fell into a deep pit. The 62-year-old drunkard remained stuck for a week until a neighbor noticed a figure perched near the pit. As the neighbor approached, the man vanished into thin air. It was then that the neighbor heard John’s voice from the pit and was able to save him.

5. Fairies And Changelings

Locals on the Isle of Man were very fearful of fairies. In the 1720s, London writer George Waldron was told a story by a woman whose baby suddenly floated upwards off her bed. The infant seemed to be lifted by an invisible force and disappeared. The woman and her husband later find a changeling lying on their bed with their baby’s clothes next to it.

4. Haunted By A Giant

In 1847, a Welshman shared a story with London magazine The Athenaeum that had taken place a century earlier. The Great Giant of Henllys was a massive man who terrorized his neighborhood. Everyone felt relief when he died, but he continued to haunt the area as a ghost. A group of clergymen exorcised his spirit with a ritual and the giant turned into a fly, which they disposed of in a lake.

3. Crossing Over

On a Scotland summer morning in 1745, a housekeeper told her employer that she’d just seen his daughter outside. He remarked that this was impossible, as she lived a thousand miles away in France. Surely enough, he went outside and saw his daughter, who jumped into a rivulet and vanished. Later, the man was visited by his son, who had seen the same thing on the same day; it turned out that the events took place at the moment she had died.