From Ugly Duckling To Sexy Swan: Here Are 12 Transformations That Will Blow Your Mind

No matter your station in life or salary bracket, at one point, we all had to go through some pretty rough growing pains. Even though some of us were popular and there were those that floated effortlessly between different “groups” of people, we all felt like an ugly duckling at one point during our adolescence. Here’s the thing about growing up–you don’t stay an awkward-looking, pimple-faced teenager for life. Everyone grows out of that stage, but there are some who blossom into completely different looking people.


Here are 12 stunning transformations that will have you looking up your old classmate on Facebook.



12. The Mac Truck

Sometimes puberty just hits a person like a mac truck, and such could be said for this total babe of a man from reddit. He went from awkward teen to “Baywatch” babe so fast that he’s completely unrecognizable. He didn’t just drop that baby weight, but he got bulk, too!

If you think this is a crazy transformation, check out #9.