Ugly Cry Alert: You’re Going To Bawl When You Hear What One Disney Princess Did For A Fan

Sometimes all it takes to make a kid happy is a photo with their favorite Disney character. And while that would have been enough for 7-year-old Daisy, Belle from Beauty and the Beast wanted to do a little more.

Like most young girls, this Houston native couldn’t wait to meet her favorite Disney princess at Walt Disney World in Orlando, but the trip was extra special because it was a day that Daisey didn’t have to concern herself with all the complications that come from her¬†Achondroplasia.

While there may have been no surgeries, there were still a lot of tears.

10. A Little Kindness Went A Long Way

For her entire life, the young girl has had to battle surgery after surgery on her head, legs and back because of her condition, which is a form of dwarfism.

A nurse at Children’s Health¬†in Dallas nominated the girl for the Make-A-Wish Foundation after watching her go through it all.