Two Puppies Were Left to Die in a Tar Pit Until This Happened

All over the world, there are people willing to risk their own safety in order to help the less fortunate — especially when they’re four-legged and covered in fur. A team of airsoft players in Antofagasta, Chile were no exception to this. After hearing the cries of puppies, the team jumped into action, leading to a daring rescue.

Once these puppies were exposed to the unthinkable, it took a group of good-hearted folks to save them from the brink of death. Keep reading to warm your own heart and find out how something so terrible could end so sweetly!

#12 Cries for Help


Just out for a day of playing airsoft, a group of teenagers in Antofagasta, Chile stopped their fun when they heard nearby cries for help. In the beginning, the group found themselves staring into a black pit of tar, unsure of what was struggling to move inside. But they were sure something was in trouble…