Two Horses Met Again After A Decade Apart. The Reunion? Just Wow.

It can be surprising just how much animals seem to think and feel in ways that resemble humans. It’s almost as though they are capable of understanding love, loss, and friendship just as we do!

When one stable owner was forced to sell a beloved horse long ago, she was heartbroken. Understandably, she jumped at the chance to repurchase her old friend when an opportunity presented itself four years later.

Happy as the woman was to have her pal back by her side, she was unsure of how her two newest ponies would react to the herd’s latest addition. Click through the slides to see how the unpredictable meeting quickly became the tale of a lifetime!

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Sue The Horse Girl


By the time she became an adult, Sue Blagburn was no stranger to horses. It seemed that no matter where life took her, a natural inclination towards caring for the graceful creatures had followed her from the day she was born. It was this that drove Sue to always make room in her schedule and in her heart for the animals she grew up adoring, even amidst all of the eventual demands of adulthood.

Meditation Break

Sue first took up horse rearing for herself in the peaceful town of Dorset, England. While she enjoyed running her marketing and design company, the job also proved quite demanding at times, and caring for the animals initially brought her a tranquil break in an otherwise hectic day. As time went on, Sue found the hobby to be beneficial in even more ways. She was even able to use the skills she developed through horse rearing to her advantage while still at work!

Budding Friendships

Sue quickly grew close to her horses, getting to know each of them more and more individually as time went on. Three of her most notable personalities were horses who went by the (fittingly-British) names of Arthur, William, and Harry. The horses formed friendships not only with Sue but with each other as well, with Arthur and William becoming tight-knit pals as a result of being very close in age. Sounds a bit like humans, doesn’t it? You won’t believe how relatable their story becomes later!

It’s A Wonderful Life

Sue, Arthur, William, Harry, and the rest of her beloved horses lived a life of peace and harmony for many years. Sue ran her prosperous business from her home, seeking refuge in the rolling hills of Muston Fields whenever she needed to decompress and spend time with the animals. The young colts enjoyed spending every day with their spirited friends and the kind owner who loved them so much – that is, until everything changed.

Tragedy Strikes

In 2008, Sue Blagburn made the heartbreaking decision to sell many of her equine friends. As a business owner, Sue had no choice but to make some changes in the wake of the sudden economic downturn which quickly rendered her hobby too expensive to maintain. One of the horses she was forced to sell to was Arthur, a separation which devastated not only Sue but also the young colt’s friend William. Human or horse, this is a pain we can all understand. Wonder what happened to poor William…