Two Horses Met Again After A Decade Apart. The Reunion? Just Wow.

It can be surprising just how much animals seem to think and feel in ways that resemble humans. It’s almost as though they are capable of understanding love, loss, and friendship just as we do!

When one stable owner was forced to sell a beloved horse long ago, she was heartbroken. Understandably, she jumped at the chance to repurchase her old friend when an opportunity presented itself four years later.

Happy as the woman was to have her pal back by her side, she was unsure of how her two newest ponies would react to the herd’s latest addition. Click through the slides to see how the unpredictable meeting quickly became the tale of a lifetime!

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Sue The Horse Girl


By the time she became an adult, Sue Blagburn was no stranger to horses. It seemed that no matter where life took her, a natural inclination towards caring for the graceful creatures had followed her from the day she was born. It was this that drove Sue to always make room in her schedule and in her heart for the animals she grew up adoring, even amidst all of the eventual demands of adulthood.