These Two Girls Were Actually Raised By Wolves

featured-imageMost know the story of The Jungle Book, the incredible children’s story of a young boy raised in the jungle by wild animals. While this story remains a celebrated tale, is it indeed realistic? There are several stories of children surviving in dangerous environments, where predators are known to inhabit. One of the most breathtaking stories occurred in 1920s India.


Two young girls were found unharmed within a wolf den. How did they end up in the wolves’ lair? How did they survive? Did the wolves care for the children? Continue through this slideshow to learn about this amazing story.

Noises From Within A Cave…

001-noises-from-within-a-cave--1039156Reverend Singh was on the outskirts of an abandoned forest when he first heard noises from within a dark cave. Finding it odd, Singh would approach the cave to investigate. The sounds would eventually become clearer, and soon Singh would come to the realization that the noises did not belong to an animal.

A Lullaby In The Darkness

002-a-lullaby-in-the-darkness-1039493Singh could not believe what he was hearing. The noises emerging from the darkness were from a young girl humming a lullaby. Reverend Singh cautiously moved toward the cave until the sounds of growling caused him to jump back. Singh, not wanting to face the growls alone, went back to his village to share his story of the cave.

Sweet Girl Or Dangerous Beast?

003-sweet-girl-or-dangerous-beast--35aa4a2bda2e24e42668e02679bfefbfSingh did not know what to make of the incident. Did he, in fact, hear a girl singing or the growls of a dangerous animal? Singh’s story worried the village, leading to the decision to send several men and Singh back to the dark cave in order to investigate.

It Rests In The Shadows…

004-it-rests-in-the-shadows--1039653The next day, Reverend Singh led the small contingent of men towards the cave. When approaching the dark cave they did not know what they would find in the darkness. Despite being armed, the men would remain cautious while approaching the cave. Once close enough, Singh and his men found a figure hiding in the shadows.