Two Black Woman Pilots Just Created History Together

4. First Officer Dawn Cook

First Officer Dawn Cook also works for Delta, and she’s been flying with the airline for quite some time now. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that she suddenly realized that she had her own opportunity to make history. So she contacted Stephanie Johnson to see if she’d help.

3. A Long Way In A Short Time

What First Officer Dawn Cook had realized was that while there were now plenty of black women flying planes, no commercial flight in the United States had had an entirely black female crew on its flight deck. This might have been something that would have happened eventually, but she took matters into her own hands.

2. Stephanie Said Yes

Stephanie agreed to fly out of Detroit with Dawn as her co-pilot and between the two of them, they made national history. This was the first ever Delta mainline to feature an African-American flight crew, Stephanie and Dawn had beaten the boys to the prize, and deservedly so.

1. Family Pride

Both pilots’ families were ecstatic about the news of Stephanie and Dawn entering the history books. Dawn Cook’s brother said on Facebook, “We love you and are so proud! Keep climbing to the highest heights!” and a former flight attendant added, “As a former Flight Attendant who flew when there were very few women pilots, I applaud this. How awesome.”

So there you have it. The incredible story of Dawn Cook and Stephanie Johnson. These two ladies achieved something that means they will be forever remembered as contributing towards the progress of equality.

Of course, some might say that in 2017, that it’s a little late for this to be taking place and they might be right, too. But that shouldn’t take anything away from Dawn and Stephanie, should it?

What milestones do you think we will see breached next in the search for equality? Why not tell us about anything you’ve achieved for equality in the comments below?