Triplets Born With Rare Skull Disorder Receive Experimental Surgery

Having children is supposed to bring joy to parents’ lives, but can you imagine how crazy it would be to have three children all at once?

Then can you even begin to consider the anguish that you would go through to find that all three of your triplets were sick and would need an operation on their skulls to get well again?

That’s what one couple recently had to face in Long Island. They’d just celebrated the arrival of triplets when they learned that their boys were very ill indeed. Only an experimental procedure had a shot at saving them and granting them a normal life.

Let’s meet the family.

10. Meet Hunter, Jackson And Kaden


These are the triplets Hunter, Jackson, and Kaden Howard. Multiple-birth pregnancies aren’t as unusual as you might think, but they are rare when the mother is in her late 30’s as Amy Jackson, the triplets’ mother is. Just 8 weeks after their miraculous arrival in this world, Amy noticed that something was very wrong.

9. Their Heads Were Malformed

Amy was putting the children to bed one night when she realized that something wasn’t quite right. “You could tell that their heads were a little bit malformed.” As you can imagine she was left extremely worried and she rushed her children to the nearest hospital for a medical opinion. What was wrong?

8. The Triplets Have Craniosynostosis

Doctors at the hospital were surprised. The triplets were suffering from a rare condition called craniosynostosis. The odds of this happening to any given child is approximately 1 in 2,000, but with triplets, these odds are more like 1 in 500,000,000,000,000,000,000 for all 3 children to be suffering from the condition.

7. Their Skulls Weren’t Formed Correctly

Craniosynostosis is the process by which a child’s skull begins to fuse prematurely after birth. If left untreated, it can cause abnormal brain development and a severe change in a child’s facial features. In many cases, it will then go on to cause a severe reduction in the IQ of the child. Was that what lay in store for the triplets?

6. The Good News Was Treatment Was Available

Doctors aren’t entirely sure what causes craniosynostosis. It might be an environmental issue such as treatments given during pregnancy, it may have something to do with an excess of thyroid hormones or even be a genetic condition. However, there is some good news – the condition is treatable. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, though.