Trans Girl Receives A Surprise That Changes Her Entire Life In An Instant!

There’s nothing like a perfectly-timed surprise, especially if you are a child. The excitement of opening a package with a ribbon and a bow brings back childhood memories of new toy dolls or cars, and you can almost feel the anticipation of ripping apart the wrapping paper and seeing what surprise awaits you inside.

One young girl got to open a remarkable gift, but it is much more precious than any material toy or novelty. Fourteen-year-old Corey Maison received a present from her mother that would change her life forever. Slide #4 is bound to make you shed a few tears!

10. Every Child Looks Forward To Opening Gifts


Whether it be a birthday or Christmas morning, children look forward to perfectly-wrapped surprises that contain toys or other trinkets. One fourteen-year-old girl wanted something much more meaningful, and she had no idea her mother was ready to present her with a gift that would transform her future.