Trail Cam Shows Eerie Ghost Girl Playing In The Woods

From the TV screen to the movie theater, we’re undoubtedly fascinated by the paranormal, and some of us are obsessed with searching for evidence of the supernatural in real life. Trail cameras pick up all sorts of crazy stuff, but a new still of an alleged “ghost girl” will have you questioning reality all over again.

In a small town called Cambridge, the citizens managed to confront something they’d only read about in tabloid magazines. Click through to see the story of the trail cam ghost girl, and whether or not this is a real ghost phenomenon or a hoax.

10. Small Town U.S.A.

Located deep in Washington County, New York, Cambridge is a quiet town with nearly 2,000 residents; almost half of them attend Cambridge Central School. It’s also the birthplace of Wisconsin State Assemblymen W. J. Abrams and James Lauderdale, who had a lake named after him in the area.

9. A Shocking Discovery

One man decided to set up his trail camera to capture some wild animals in his backyard. As he was in the midst of gearing up for a weekend of hunting, he decided to check out what was roaming behind his house.

What he discovered sent fear throughout in the entire town.

8. Walking With A Ghost

While no animals were found in his footage, he did find a grainy image of what appeared to be a ghost girl frolicking in the woods. Confused at what he witnessed, the man replayed the tape over and over again before realizing there might be some spirits near his lovely abode.

7. The Social Media Explosion

The image of the girl was posted on social media, and it quickly went viral with thousands of shares. Many assumed it was just some cool new Instagram filter, but some in the area were afraid to leave their house. The police were quite busy with numerous emails and phone calls about the frightening image.

One rumor about the girl brought even more terror to the community.

6. A Tragic Death

One major rumor that circulated through the town stated the girl was killed in the ’70s from a train accident while playing with her brother. They claimed her ghost has been quietly roaming through the area for years in search of the train conductor in order to avenge her demise.