Trail Cam Shows Eerie Ghost Girl Playing In The Woods

From the TV screen to the movie theater, we’re undoubtedly fascinated by the paranormal, and some of us are obsessed with searching for evidence of the supernatural in real life. Trail cameras pick up all sorts of crazy stuff, but a new still of an alleged “ghost girl” will have you questioning reality all over again.

In a small town called Cambridge, the citizens managed to confront something they’d only read about in tabloid magazines. Click through to see the story of the trail cam ghost girl, and whether or not this is a real ghost phenomenon or a hoax.

10. Small Town U.S.A.

Located deep in Washington County, New York, Cambridge is a quiet town with nearly 2,000 residents; almost half of them attend Cambridge Central School. It’s also the birthplace of Wisconsin State Assemblymen W. J. Abrams and James Lauderdale, who had a lake named after him in the area.