10 Undeniable Proofs That Toy Story and The Walking Dead Actually Share The Same Plot

What does AMC’s hit zombie series “The Walking Dead’ have in common with Pixar’s children movie “Toy Story”? At first glance, Toy Story and The Walking Dead are no way related to each other. The Walking Dead is an apocalyptic, horror, drama series while Toy Story is a kid-friendly drama movie. However, writer and director John Wray showed in his photo series that they are much more common than you would imagine. Ready to get your mind blown? See their uncanny similarities for yourself!


1. Sheriff Leaders
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What basically makes Toy Story and the Walking Dead the same is that each story consists of a group thrown together by fate living in a world full of horribly disfigured, shambling creatures that want to chew them apart and each group is led by an occasionally grumpy sheriff leader, Rick in The Walking Dead and Woody in Toy Story. Coincidentally, both of them are wearing cowboy hats.

2. Best Buddies

Both of the leaders have a bestfriend who is a hyper-macho officer of the law who will later become their rival.

3. What Keeps Both Sheriffs Going Is Their Love For Their Little Boy



And both of the sheriff leaders are driven to keep going by their love for their little kid and will do whatever to protect them.

4. Until..


Their kids, Andy and Carl, grew fond of the heroes’ best friends and started spending more time with them. And when the heroes got insanely jealous, they tried to corner their rival against a police cruiser.

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5. New Members 13 14

In Toy Story 2 and The Walking Dead Season 2, each group found a barn and met a yodeling cowgirl, Jesse and Beth (respectively) and a white haired old man with a walking stick, Stinky Pete and Hershel. At first, they didn’t get along well but as time passed by and after surviving a near-fatal barn incident, they’ve been one of the best and reliable members of the group since then.

6. A Refuge
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Each group found an idyllic, gated community and was offered safety and all the comforts of home.

7. Welcomed by Leaders
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Both of the communities’ leaders, Lotso and The Governor, welcomed the  groups with open arms,

8. Without Them Knowing..

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What seemed like a perfect refuge community is more like a prison and both of what they thought are kind and genuine leaders are really psychopaths and are driven mad by the loss of dear beloved little girl.

9. That Unexpected Phone Call

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10. New Friends

23 In Toy Story and The Walking Dead, both Rick and Woody found a fenced in refuge across the town. But after an unexpected phone call, he orchestrated a daring prison break. Both sheriffs welcome his friends – new and old – to his new home.


John Wray sure had hit the nail on the head with a very convincing mashup of both stories and will forever change the way you look at them. Is it just coincidence or they basically are the same story?

For more, you can watch the animated version of this mashup here.



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