Top 5 Romantic Spots in Australia

Australia is a huge state, with more than 7 million visitors annually. It has magnificent cities, extraordinary beaches, picturesque landscapes, and unique wildlife to offer. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see all its wildlife species and breath-taking view if you plan a romantic journey for a couple of days. Australia is a fabulous country that needs a deeper understanding. But if you stay for longer and try to understand it, this country will conquer your heart. Here is the rating of 5 most romantic and worth-visiting spots you should add to your list.

  1. Sydney Opera

Having been to Australia and not visiting the main symbol of the country is a crime! The Sydney Opera House, with its pearl white roofs and timid waters around, is a place that will leave a mark on your memories. Although it was built 60 (!) years ago, it still amazes people with its modern chic style and straight-from-the-future look. It serves as a superb cultural heart of the country. In addition, Sydney Opera House is under the protection of the UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites. It has been long since this architectural masterpiece served only for holding performances. It attracts romantic couples from all over the world to watch the view of this giant beautiful man-made construction, dine at one of the restaurants inside the House, and take pictures in front of it. The best spot to enjoy the general look of the Sydney Opera is from the stone chair of Mrs. Macquarie in the Royal Botanical Gardens. To reach this destination, you should simply cross the road from the south side of the building.

  1. Great Ocean Road

These more than 140 kilometers long road in Victoria are one of the places you should see for yourself when in Australia. It is situated to the south-east and leads from Torquay to the city of Alresford. The long string of asphalt spreading through the breath-taking rock views that will make you shiver only from one look at the precipice. Its prolongated body is gently washed by the endless waters of the shimmering ocean. Bays, straits, and cliffs, you can make a stop anywhere you want to catch the moment and enjoy every second. This picturesque road is not the one you want to speed at; you will beg for it not to end, trying to feel as much of it as you can. One of the most romantic spots in Australia for certain. This is the place all Ukrainian brides would dream of visiting!

  1. Mitchell Falls and the Kimberley District

Truly one in its kind, Kimberly is a unique reserve. This wildlife preservation spot situated on the west of the country occupies more than 166 thousand square miles. Kimberly is the motherland of the best beaches in the world. Untouched corals, pristine rocks, rich marine life, and incredible islands – what can be better? And in the town of Broom, which is popular among tourists, the beaches are even better. Ocean coastline to the south of the region will amaze you with endless extends of pearl-cream sands, greenish-blue crystal-clear water, and camels available for a ride! And in the heart of the District, the main attraction is waiting for you – a giant Mitchel Falls. This waterfall has four levels, and it will amaze even the most experienced travelers. This romantic and close to nature spot is a must visit!

  1. Blue Mountains National Park

Who said parks cannot be spectacular? This one will serve you such views that you will believe it is a perfect romantic spot. It is situated within easy reach of Sydney, so you and your beloved can surely get to the destination in a few hours. That’s why this park is a world-famous tourist attraction. What is so special about it? Its name comes from the bluish hue of thousands of eucalyptus trees forming the park. Its territory is more than 664 thousand acres of incredible landscapes. This perfect romantic and photo spot looks so magical that some will even think it’s photoshopped! Rock sings and paintings of the prehistorical people and kilometers-long hiking routes and waterfalls – this park has something for everyone. And for those who like active time-spending in particular.

  1. Melbourne shopping and dining

Ready for the big shopping tour? Australia has lots of modern cities with amazing market facilities. From drugstore goods to luxury labels, Melbourne is a real boiling epicenter of fashion and industry. Stores to the taste, artistic theaters, fashion galleries, and unique restaurants. If your couple likes good shopping after enjoying breath-taking nature landscapes – you are welcomed. The hot heart of civilization opens your doors to serve you street snacks or gourmet dishes you wouldn’t try anywhere else in the world. Melbourne is a great romantic spot, and it will do for a marvelous end of a trip destination.