Top 37 S.e.x.y Fails On The Internet

3Today we give thanks to all of the brave souls out there who risk it all in the name of being sexy. These are the folks who look right at the sun and say “I can do that,” instead of covering their eyes like regular people. And just like Icarus before them, many of these people will melt their wings and fall far from grace.

Thankfully we’re here to catch them with smiles on our faces and laughs in our bellies, because these pictures are hilarious. Some of them are merely weird, while others tear through the edge of reality and leap headfirst into “I can’t even” territory. Without further ado, let’s begin the countdown!

37. Daedelus and Skittles



We thought we’d begin with someone nodding directly to our Icarus metaphor, and it’s a doozy. This guy has got the rainbows cranked to 11 and isn’t afraid of flaunting it. The underwear might be adorable on its own, but we think the wings are going a bit too far.