Top 25 Most Followed Women Of Instagram

We are all thankful for the existence of Instagram. After all, this social media site allows fans like us to follow (or in other words, stalk) the happenings, ups, downs and daily lives of our most admired celebs. This is why the number of IG followers have become a reliable basis of the popularity of celebrities.

Are you curious as to who are the most famous celebs in Instagram? Well, here are some of the most followed women celebrities in Instagram.

25. Ciara


This American songwriter, singer, dancer. actress, fashion model and record producer may not always make the headlines or in the covers of the magazines but her Instagram account is one proof that people has not forgotten her. Well, it is easy to understand why she has lots of followers. Her talent, skills and sense of fashion is truly off the charts! It is reported that she has over 9.4 million followers.