Top 23 Beach Fails Of 2015

18. Tide Comes In



Honestly, this one isn’t so much a fail as just bad timing. Santa Claus here looks positively resplendent, relaxing in his orange chair on the beach. The only trouble is, the tide seems to have rolled in while he was sleeping. We hope someone let him know before he was carried out to sea!

17. #YOLO


The young lady above seems to have had a truly #yolo day, ending up passed out face down on the sand. Did she wander away from her friends, or did they abandon her when she wouldn’t get up on time? Either way, we hope the photographer here got her some water and maybe a towel.

16. How’s The Wifi Here?


So, this guy seems to have perfected the art of making his “office” comfortable, by moving it straight to the beach itself. He’s got a laptop, a beverage, and his phone providing some wifi, plus a nice cool spot in the shade of a large hole. We’re actually kind of jealous.

15. With A Little Help From My Friends

These girls seem to have tried their darndest, but they just couldn’t get the poor guy out of his beach chair. We love a good samaritan, so it’s just nice to see that the ladies were there to help, even if their efforts were sort of in vain.

14. The Hunt For Red… July?

This picture is just fantastic in every way. We’ve got a beach full of people on a beautiful day, and an enormous submarine cruising by just hundreds of feet away! It’s kind of dramatic looking, in a way, but we’re guessing that the sub was not supposed to be passing this close to land.