Top 23 Beach Fails Of 2015

Like the rest of the internet, we absolutely love fails. Pictures and gifs of fails are pretty much the internet’s bread and butter, right after cats of course.

Fails come in a multicolored galaxy of flavors, appearing anywhere people may roam. When they’re caught on camera, a little bit of digital gold is created – and as some say, a comment fairy gets its wings! We’re not necessarily laughing at the people in these photos; we’re laughing at the situation, that perfect moment crystalized forever on our screens.

Let’s get on with the exquisite beach fails!

23. Thong Song



We’re not ones to judge, but we will be helpful and point out that this guy’s bathing suit seems to be riding up just a little bit! We’ve got nothing against men wearing speedo-style suits, but pairing it with a straw hat might be going too far.

22. Dog Sitting


It’s always great fun to bury your friends on the beach. Unfortunately, the beach also resembles a giant bathroom to our four legged friends, so we can only hope that this pooch is merely sitting on his mama! The best part has got to be the shirtless man going ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

21. “Save my spot!”


Okay, so the allure of the beach on a hot sunny day is irresistible. We get that. But we couldn’t imagine driving up to this beach, seeing nothing but skin for miles, and deciding that it’s a good day for a swim! Honestly, we wonder how much the water level rises on a day like this.

20. Hands-Free Umbrella

We’re actually kind of impressed by this guy’s ingenuity. He wants to be shaded, he wants his hands free, and he’s got a spare butt crack, so why not? It’s certainly not the most attractive look, but boy is it practical!

19. Heels At The Beach


Speaking of practicality, there are certain types of footwear made for the beach: sandals and nothing. Sure, you could get away with a pair of sneakers if you didn’t mind them filling with sand. But wearing some high heels is a dangerous proposition, no matter how sexy you think they are!