Three Lions Take On Pregnant Rhino In Wildlife Fight Of The Century

If it were a joke, it would be funny: What do you get when you cross three hungry lions and an understandably tetchy Rhino? What you get is sheer brutality, and it’s not that funny. In terms of being king of the jungle – or plains for that matter – the lion usually takes the crown. But the rhino, sometimes weighing as much as one ton, endowed with purposely-built thick skin and a killer horn, knows few predators. The worst of which is us, the human, and in second place big cats such as the lion – and that’s if the lion is having a good day!

Take a look at these amazing moments captured by camera when three lions outnumber a solitary rhino. A rhino we might add, who is pregnant, and pissed.

10. Just Minding My Own Business

The story takes place in Etosha National Park, South Africa, where a black rhino in need of a little drink decides to go to the local watering hole. The poor girl seems to be unsteady on her feet, and slips right into the water. Luckily some tourists were nearby to capture this.

9. There’s Somebody Behind Youuuu

While male lions are usually lazy and needlessly aggressive at times with the family, the females do all the hard hunting work. It’s non-stop for the girls in the endless pursuit of flesh, as our struggling rhino is about to find out. You won’t believe how this is going to turn out.

8. I Think We’ll Try The Rhino Steak

Unlike the lion’s distant cousin, the tiger, it usually doesn’t hunt by itself. As one furtive female approaches the rhino, we see in the distance her teammates, each of them hoping to try a bit of a delicacy in rhino steak. We say delicacy, because in the wild it’s usually the lions that end up dead in this encounter.

7. Three On One Is Just Not Fair, Or Is It?

As the rhino tries its best to get back on land, where its body is suited for the art of self-defense, the tourists realize they are about to be witness to one of the most anticipated fights in the wild. The female lions, menacingly equidistant from each other, have the rhino covered from all sides. Turn to the next slide to see the fight progress.

6. It’s Not Funny

It looks like a day at the circus as the humbled rhino slips back into the water each time she attempts to get out. We are not sure how many weeks pregnant she is, but it’s likely the extra weight that she’s carrying is affecting her natural balance. As lions are wont to do, they take their time. An injured lioness can have a devastating effect on the pride.