The Most Thoughtful Marriage Proposal Ever Took Three Years To Execute

If you’re considering proposing to your significant other in the near future, don’t look here for ideas as there’s no way you’ll live up to the standard set by “Timothy The Romantic.” Read on if you simply want to see what absolute proposal perfection looks like.

Ladies will probably relate to how special Candice feels, or feel extremely jealous after seeing the amazing attention to detail Timothy put into his proposal.

Slide 6 will make you envious at their beautiful wedding venue, and the bottom slide will show you all you need to know about true love.

10. The Letters And Hidden Message

The 14 letters Timothy wrote Candice over three years were as creative as they were heartfelt. The first world of each letter spelled out, “Will you marry me?” Timothy gets a lot of props for putting this much thought into his proposal. Definitely, beats the overdone proposal on a beach in Hawaii!