This Millionaire Built An Ark And The Reason Will Shock You!


If someone has millions and millions of dollars, they have the rare feeling of not worrying about their bills and day to day needs. Their responsibilities are taken care of, and as a result, they can spend on some of their wants and desires in life. While most people may splurge on cars, vacations, and homes, not the man that this article will take a look at, he spent on something far different. The person that this article will look at is a millionaire who used his money to realize a very spiritual goal he has in his mind, which he was able to make a reality.

#15 Giant Boat in the Netherlands


There are a lot of boats around in various bodies of water all over the world, but this one is different. Somewhere along the Merwede river in the Netherlands, there is a gigantic boat. And the boat is very unique. So who built it, and why did they build it in the first place?