This Heartwarming Tale Of A Dog And Her New Home Will Make Your Day

#7 Same Old Puppy



Despite the dog being years older than when Cochrane first met her, she still acted like a puppy. Dogs are very social animals and not meant to be confined. Before Cochran, Edith likely had no outlet for her “puppy energy” but once Cochran came along to play, Edith became very social and loved to play, something that she never lost with age.

#6 Disappeared


For seven years, Cochran would go and visit her furry friend on a regular basis. But when she went to go visit Edith on a regular day in 2013, she was shocked to see that Edith was gone. She was obviously extremely worried about Edith and was concerned about where she went. It was obvious the family had moved away and taken their dog, but where did they go?

#5 A Black Dog on a Chain


A few years went by and Cochran had all but given up hope on finding Edith. She knew her family had moved away, but she had no way of contacting them. Then one day out of nowhere, some of her colleagues brought some photos to work and Cochran was in shock.

#4 It Was Edith


A few years after Edith went missing, a few PETA workers were doing routine visits to neglected animals in North Carolina. Next to a shabby trailer, they found a scruffy black dog and gave it some love and attention before returning to the office with photos. As soon as she saw the photos, Cochran knew it was Edith.

#3 Recognition of an Old Friend


Without any hesitation, Cochran rushed to the address of her old friend to pay Edith a visit. Surprisingly, the dog seemed to remember her too as Edith was jumping for joy when Cochran arrived. After talking to the owner, it was revealed that they were about to move to somewhere that didn’t allow pets, so something had to be done with Edith.