This Dog Was On Its Last Leg. Officers Were Shocked When They Found Him …



Dogs do so much for us. They not only provide us with constant love and affection when we need it, they are always by our side during the good times and the bad. In addition to always being there for us, these animals have proven time and time again that they are real heroes. After everything that animals do for us, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re willing to do a lot for these cuddly creatures ourselves. But not everyone feels that way. Some pet owners abuse and outright abandon their animals.

That’s exactly what happened to the dog you’re about to meet in the following slides. Click through to learn more about his amazing survival story.


#12 Original Sighting


Back in March 2016, a couple spotted a lone dog wandering in the Everglades near the boat ramps on Highway 27. Fearing that the pup was a stray and wouldn’t survive long near the alligator-infested waters, they decided to report the dog to the local authorities in an effort to get it some help.

#11 Authorities Arrive


After trying to figure out the proper authorities to call, the couple eventually got in contact with the Broward County Sheriff’s Department. That turned out to be the right call! When the deputies arrived, they went to go check on the dog and found that it was just barely alive. They had no idea they arrived just in time.

#10 Not in Good Shape


As it turned out, the poor dog looked awful as it laid almost completely lifeless there in a curled position. It was likely very shocked and exhausted. Even still, the officers still took their time approaching the dog and assessed the situation, wanting to gain the trust of the dog first.

#9 Getting Closer


Their plan of approaching slowly worked, as the dog allowed them to get close without freaking out. Soon, the dog was looking up at the humans who woke it up with their flashlights. And although the dog was still almost completely out of it, it let them get close enough to let them give it some food.

#8 Sudden Realization


It wasn’t until they got closer to the dog that they realized the extent of its injuries were much worse than what they initially thought. They realized that the dog was not only suffering from a serious case of mange, but it was also bleeding from wounds in its face.