Think Your Landlord Sucks? These Renting Nightmares Are Worse Than Anything You Got

Renting can be tough. Not only can it cost more than owning, tenants can find themselves in the most awkward situations with their landlords. Technically, it is their property, and the random drop-bys and crazy rules can be expected up to a certain point.

However, for these twelve people, their landlords took crazy to a whole new level. From invading privacy to making up rules as they go and using duct tape to fix absolutely anything, nothing is off limits and no one is safe – just take a look at number 5.

Hopefully, they were able to get their security deposits back!


12. I Swear It Isn’t Mine!

There is nothing quite like proudly showing Mom and Dad your new place and giving them a peek at your new responsible adult life.

“I was showing my house to my mom and stepdad the first day that I moved in. I opened up the hall closet and my landlord had left his bong on the top shelf. Later that night…He poured out the bong water in my new front yard and drove off drunk.”