When You Think Of Kick-Ass Action Movie Scenes, These Come To Mind

Long action-filled tracking shots, fast-paced car chases, an out-of-this-world crescendo of explosions, and hand-to-hand combat that would give any viewer whiplash — these are just some of the ingredients that make the action genre truly an exciting experience, whether you’re inside of a movie theater, or in the comfort of your own home.

When action sequences do their job, they can take you out of your everyday life and plop you right into the thick of the scene. These action sequences accomplish just that, with each scene being more exciting than the last.

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10. Bullet Time In The Matrix

When you think of The Matrix, you might think of the innovative technology the Wachowskis used to present their “bullet time” sequences, which rendered 360-degree scenes into motionless fragments where time seemed to stop for just a few frames, only to resume in full force. The sibling duo absolutely changed the game of sci-fi and how kung fu was presented in action when they hit the scene with the camera spin as Neo dodged those bullets on the rooftop.

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