Things that are OK in The U.S.A. but would shock people in other countries

Culture clashes are not a new fact of life. If you have traveled overseas there’s a good chance you’ve encountered a situation in which your actions have left locals feeling a bit awkward, mad, or even confused.

We searched the web for examples of culture clashes that didn’t seem like a big deal to Americans but matters in other cultures. Some of our tips will help you navigate your next trip while other culture clashes will help explain why you don’t see certain actions occurring in other countries.

If you remember these tips you won’t look like a noob when it’s time to pack your bags, grab your passport, and head out on the vacation of your life.

You’ll be surprised to learn what it means to ask for directions in some countries.

10. I’m Not Eating That!

Sending food back when eating out at a restaurant in the U.S. because you think it’s below par is hardly something we’d call taboo. Unless the dish looks like it’s been kicked around on the kitchen floor, or could be certified as dangerous, in many other countries they’ll just accept the meal and hope for a better one during a second visit. Complaining in some countries is just plain rude.