Things You Never Knew About The Hit Movie “Grease!”

7. Dinah Don’t Dance

Not every cast member could boogie with the best of them, and if you watch Grease carefully, you’ll see that Marty, who was played by Dinah Manoff, never dances in any sequence in the movie. Apparently, she simply didn’t have the coordination needed for even simple dance moves.

6. Coked Up?

Grease was due to be endorsed by Coca-Cola, but some fine print in the contract meant that if shooting went too long, the endorsement would expire. So the final cut is heavily edited to remove any trace of a reference to Coke, which is shame for the company given the movie’s commercial success.

5. Family

The producers wanted every single person who took part in Grease to feel like they had joined a big family. They felt it would give a more natural feel to shooting the movie. So even the background dancers were given proper names such as umm… Bubba and Moose. Not the greatest names, were they?

4. The Force Was Almost With Them

If Olivia-Newton John had passed on Sandy, it’s rumored that the late, great Carrie Fisher might have had the role instead. In fact, it’s said that the director dismissed her for having the wrong look for the part, and paved the way for Olivia to join the cast.

3. Dyeing For A Part

Grease is a movie all about personal style, so there’s no surprise that many actors and actresses were required to adopt a specific look for the movie. However, only Jamie Donnelly (who played Jan) was forced to dye her hair as she was going prematurely gray when filming started.