They Walked Up to a Dog Who’d Been Chained And Left To Die…This Was His Reaction

FeaturedDogOne day, the members of Rudozem Street Dog Rescue got an urgent call about a dog who had been abandoned and was in pretty bad shape. Unfortunately, they get calls like this much too often. However, their shelter was full, so it wasn’t just easy for them to send someone out to pick him up. They already had plenty of animals that needed their help and care. But they also knew that they couldn’t just leave the dog to die. It was their mission to attempt to save as many dogs as possible. So they decided to send someone out anyway to check the state of the dog. You’ll never believe what happened next. Take a peek at the incredible story of one abandoned dog left to die.

#18 The Dog Was Barely Surviving

001--18-the-dog-was-barely-surviving-314427When rescuers first made it to the innocent and abandoned dog it was clear he was in pretty bad shape. He was just barely surviving. His only source of food and water were the few people who would walk by him every day and give him the bare amounts of food scraps and water that they had to spare.

#17 People Were Told To Stay Away

002--17-people-were-told-to-stay-away-314448Those who called in the state of the dog to the rescuers actually stated that they had been told to stay away from the dog! Whoever had put him there had warned to those who may approach the dog that he had a bad disease that they could catch. They said they should all leave him there to die!

#16 He Had Deformed Legs And A Bad Cough

003--16-he-had-deformed-legs-and-a-bad-cough-314467When they did approach him, the dog did appear to have a pretty bad cough. It was also clear that his legs were severely deformed. These two things led to the possibility that maybe he really did have a rare disease. But the rescuers will still determined to help the dog and what they found out next was shocking to them.

#15 But He Was Another Friendly Dog

004--15-but-he-was-another-friendly-dog-314504They were shocked to find that the dog was actually extremely friendly! They at first were a little worried when they approached the dog in the beginning. It wasn’t clear if the dog was going to react positively to the rescuers. He had been abandoned by humans in the beginning, but he was still surprisingly trusting of these strangers!

#14 Overcrowding Was Bad

005--14-overcrowding-was-bad-314529Overcrowding was bad at the shelter. They already had the maximum number of pets they were able to take care of and then some! They weren’t sure if they’d even be able to help this hurt pup. But they were still determined to help as many dogs as possibly, so they decided they would take him in and help him.