These Three Unlikely Animals Were Best Friends for 15 Years Until Something Tragic Happened



Friends are one of the most important things in life. Our friends provide us happiness and support in a number of different ways, and many of us don’t know what we would do without them. Friendship isn’t just a human concept. Animals have friends, too. But very few animals have a friendship like the three you’re going to learn about here. Recently, the internet went crazy when they learned about this friendship between a lion, a tiger, and a bear (oh my!). These three were inseparable for over a decade until tragedy intervened to separate them.

Read on to learn more about this adorable and heartbreaking story.

#12 Tough Beginnings


The strange but adorable story of these furry friends began back in 2001. After a drug raid on a house in Atlanta, police went into the basement and found something that shocked them. They found three caged exotic animals which the owners likely kept as pets, albeit in terrible conditions.

#11 Poor Living Conditions


The three animals (a lion, a tiger and a bear) were babies and severely underfed, underweight and plagued by a number of different parasites and health issues. The animals also visibly suffered several forms of abuse and were kept in cages that they were obviously the wrong sizes for the animals to be living in.

#10 Additional Injuries


On closer inspection, there were also more injuries on the animals. The lion had a sore injury on his nose and was kept in a cage, where the bars dug into the animals skin. Even worse, the bear cub had outgrown its restraints and the harness had to be surgically removed from its skin!

#9 Following the Rescue


After being rescued from the horrible living conditions in the drug house, the trio of animals were taken to the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary (NAAS). Here, they received medical treatment and thankfully, all made full recoveries and began to live at the sanctuary, and would soon become the best of friends.