These People Flirted With Death And Came on Top

We all have that one friend, the guy who shouts, “you double dare me?” before leaping into harm’s way. True comic book-level daredevils share the world with us mortals each and every day, and occasionally, they’re caught on camera. Sometimes, the heart stopping moments happen to those of us who aren’t even trying to cheat death.

We’ve generously gathered some of the most fantastic death-defying gifs from around the net and lined them up right here for your viewing pleasure. While you watch these gut-clenching moments, keep in mind that the people miraculously survived each of these encounters. No harm, no foul, right?

1. Change Lanes With Care



Here’s a friendly PSA reminding everyone to be careful when changing lanes on the highway. There’s no greater reminder than having a little bump on the rear end from a full sized semi truck, spinning loops at 70mph, and, weirdly, gracefully recovering.

2. Look Before You Leap?

Hopping on a skateboard is a risky activity on its own. Add a few cement rails and a giant drop and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Thankfully for this teen, an errant pipe caught him at the last second by a backpack strap. Astonishing!

3. Crosswalk Sprinting For Life



This man was already in a hurry when he started jogging across an intersection. A city bus in an even bigger hurry made sure that he had to sprint to save his own life! While it’s fantastic knowing that he made it, we can only hope that the folks in the blue car are fine, too!

4. Absolutely Perfect Timing


Here’s a real cheek-clencher. The man on a bicycle, laden with baggage, manages to escape a high speed car accident… entirely by accident. He skirts just between the two broken vehicles as they split in a V shape through the intersection.

5. High Kicking Stunt Deer


You can see that the drivers here all saw the deer and slowed down, but the deer itself didn’t seem to get the picture until mid-air, where he suddenly does a fancy kick as he soars over the hood of this jeep. It’s a fantastic flourish to add to an already well-timed leap.

6. Perfect Timing, Part 2


A man on a bicycle enters the frame at right, sailing across the intersection when a bright red car zooms by, smashing a box truck. Both vehicles knick the cyclist but neither strikes him: he’s on the ground, perfectly unharmed, looking bewildered beyond belief. Absolutely amazing!

7. Truck Driver Safety Ejection


In what appears to be a demolition derby taking place on a public highway, we see a large semi tractor-trailer veer to the left, making room for a matching truck coming the opposite direction. Just as the cab bursts into frame, we see the driver gently popped out the front, landing right on his feet.

8. Watch Out For That Pole!



The friendly neighborhood bus driver in this gif seems to be whistling away as he works, barely opening his mouth as a massive blue pool blasts through the windshield, nearly removing his head. A little bit of luck and a lot of quick reflexes make sure that he survives to drive another day.

9. Another Crosswalk Close Call


Helmet mounted cameras allow us an unprecedented look at the high speed world of motorcycle driving. Shots like this let us experience the unbridled thrill of shooting face first down the roadway at top speed… and narrowly missing the woman in pink who thought today was a perfect day for jaywalking!

10. Watch This Intersection Very Closely



Look close enough and you’ll see it: a black car goes zipping straight through the intersection, hitting absolutely no one. It’s frankly astonishing. The combination of quick reflexes on the part of so many people were responsible for this threading-the-needle moment; everyone pictured deserves a round of applause! The driver of the black car deserves to have his license revoked.

11. Aerial Belly Flop



The pilot of this tiny plane might have been doing a loop-the-loop but we doubt he intended to scratch the plane’s belly like a house cat on the runway. We can’t imagine how far his heart leapt into his throat before regaining some altitude!

12. Redneck Rampage



We may not be firearm experts, but it seems like a poor idea to give any random redneck a grenade launcher to play with. This guy not only annihilates an old truck; he nearly takes his own head clean off when a piece of shrapnel flies by at top speed.

13. Ninjas Are Most Definitely Real


When he was cut off on a narrow highway, this motorcyclist did what every ninja would do – he hopped directly onto the offending vehicle at the moment his bike crumpled against the bumper. These are some serious Jackie Chan-level moves.

14. Gas Station Wild Crash Extravaganza


The front bumper camera on a vehicle caught a point of view we rarely see, careening against a dump truck and right into a gas station. We see a man haplessly pumping fuel, unaware of how close to death he is. Running toward the pump wasn’t the best idea, but it saved his skin in this case!

15. Stunt Plane Close Shave


How low can you go? We’re not sure if the pilot here was trying to do the limbo, but he certainly cranked up the adrenaline of our friendly photographer!