These Epic Tattoo Fails Will Make you Cringe, Then Smile, Then CRINGE AGAIN !

4. Unfortunate Baby Face


The sentiment at play here is utterly adorable; don’t get us wrong. We love the idea of tattooing your baby’s face wherever you like on your body. We only take issue with the unfortunate reproduction of said baby’s face – it looks more like an elderly wino than a newborn infant!

5. Energy Drink Super Fan


We’re not sure if this is a bit of inspired free branding, or a bit of overzealous fandom gone wild, hopped up on caffeine and vitamin B. Either way, we advise anyone with more than a couple energy drinks under their belt to steer clear of the local ink palace.

6. Framing The Stache


The one good thing we can say about this work of art is that at least he left some clear skin for his radiant red mustache to grow. When going hog wild on a set of face tattoos, it’s not very common for such a thoughtful omission to remain!