These Epic Tattoo Fails Will Make you Cringe, Then Smile, Then CRINGE AGAIN !

16. Wordy Body



We’re all for literary ambitions and everything, but this guy took it in an odd direction, and took it way too far. Not only is his body covered in artlessly scrawled and seemingly random phrases, he’s got a corporate logo on his left pec. Speak of the devil…

17. Getting The Photo Wrong, Again


These photo comparison tattoos are getting kind of painful to look at. We can see the picture, and we can see the result, but we can’t see what the tattoo artist was smoking or drinking at the time. We imagine it was something strong enough to make this seem reasonable!

18. Getting The Photo Wrong Again, Again


At least with this one, our sympathies lie with the artist; the photo looks like it was taken at night, so it was a tough image to interpret. Still, what is with the bruised looking skin tones??

19. “My Eyes Are Up Here”

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Every time we look at this, we’re struck speechless. Was the intention some joke along the lines of “something something, my eyes are up here… oh wait,” or does it have some unforeseen cool effect when paired with the proper shirt?

20. We Know What Jesus Wouldn’t Do

What he most certainly wouldn’t do is tattoo a crude rendition of The Human Centipede on his chest. In fact, we weren’t sure that any human in the history of the planet would have done that, but we have photographic evidence to the contrary!

21. Where Shall We Start  ?


While we have no doubt that this tattoo came off exactly as planned, and the couple was more than happy with the results, we can’t help but squirm in our seats at the sheer cringeworthy look of it all. May their relationship be blessed!

22. He’s Making That Dough


Here’s a man who apparently takes metaphors both seriously and quite literally. His tattooed neck chain holds a pretty spot-on rendition of the Pillsbury Dough Boy, replete with cartoonish $ symbol money bag.

23. Mixed Message


We’re not sure where things went wrong with this tattoo. Was that 4 meant to be “or”? Does the woman hold a deep abiding loyalty for the concept of betrayal itself? Or is Betrayal the name of her pet? The world may never know.

24. Hey Now, You’re An All-Star (Literally)


We know running barefoot has been trendy lately, but this is taking things in an entirely more baffling direction. Is the person just an intense fan of Converse? Is he afraid of ever being truly barefoot? Most importantly: just how much did this tickle??

25. Sexy Six Pack


We love consistency, and this guy is all about it. The best part is that he clearly has a sense of humor about his body, which is admirable and hilarious. The worst part is that he seems to actually enjoy Bud Light, judging by the double fisting action happening.

26. Permanent Jordans


Remember the guy with Converse All-Star shoes tattooed on his feet? So does this guy. He wanted something a little more athletic, something that screams professional athlete. Behold, the tightest pair of Air Jordans the world has ever known.



Brenda. Brenda, Brenda, Brenda. Brenda! Brenda. Brenda. We’re not sure, but we think this guy has a thing for Brenda. We can only hope that she was already running in the opposite direction when she saw this and began shrieking in terror.

28. Starry Night?


We can only imagine that she’s on the phone with a laser tattoo removal doctor, filled with the most exquisite form of buyer’s remorse. While the stars themselves are tastefully applied, the effect as a whole looks more “bad acne” than Van Gogh.

29. Mathematical!


We’re still undecided on this set of rather detailed math tattoos. The ladies obviously put in a lot of effort to share their camaraderie and love of high level equations, but we question their satisfaction with this life choice in the long term. College, right?

30. PSY Would Be Proud


The song might have been a massive hit, becoming the most viewed video ever on YouTube, but this just might be going a little too far. Unless this is on the skin of Korean pop star PSY himself, we’re going to toss our two cents into the “no ragrets” camp.