These Dogs Were Left To Die, Until Something Amazing Happened

#8 Happy Dogs



As you could imagine, this was all amazing and new territory for the dogs. These dogs were used to almost no attention and now they were not only getting some companionship and walks, but also receiving some much-needed love and affection, as well as some food and medical check-ups.

#7 Family Pets


Despite the horrific conditions, the dogs were actually seen by some of the people living in the cemetery as part of the family. But the problem was, with the people themselves struggling to survive, they often couldn’t give too much love, affection and food to these pets as they had their own battles to deal with most of the time.

#6 Dog Ownership is Different


In largely developed nations, if we own a pet, we will feed it numerous times a day and it will live with us. But in the Philippines, they do things a little differently. A dog is often considered yours if you feed it once a week and it lives generally close to you. Most dogs will roam around looking for food where they can get it.

#5 Children are Most Important


To improve how the animals are treated by people in the area, it starts with education. And according to Bruno, it starts with the children. If they are educated from a young age how to best care for animals, it will go a long way in influencing the adults to make some positive changes as well.

#4 Group Education


In order to give these animals a better chance, the group (headed up by Bruno herself) visited all the communities in the area and educated them about how to better care for and treat these dogs. While it was a good effort, it is hard for the families since they also have it pretty bad themselves.