These Are 18 Strange Secrets In The Family Of Will Smith

FeaturedSmithThere is no one who would dispute the fact that Will Smith is one of the best and most famous actors not only of our generation but of all-time. Smith is seemingly never in a bad movie and has taken home a ton of awards in both movies and music. And while he is definitely a great actor, his family life is a little bit strange. There are a number of strange things about the Smith family, some of which they may even be keeping secret. So here is some strange and rumored secrets about the Smith family, with number 5 being especially different.

#18 The Two Have an Allegedly Open Marriage

001--18-the-two-have-an-allegedly-open-marri-f5f3f4d928ee7585841f5dc66b56b303While the couple has been married for decades, there are rumors swirling that they are in an open relationship, and each is allowed to look for pleasure outside of the marriage, a rumor which they haven’t denied. These are two of the most attractive people in Hollywood, so I wouldn’t put it past them. Check out the 12th entry for another supposed rumor about their relationship.

#17 The Smith’s Are Rumored to be Scientologists

002--17-the-smith-s-are-rumored-to-be-scient-312049Not only are the Smith’s BFF’s with Tom Cruise, they are also heavily connected with the religion he follows, Scientology. They have donated to the cause and even funded a school that has  a curriculum that follows closely with Scientology. Even with the rumors floating around, they have denied that they are actually Scientologists.

#16 There Have Been a Ton of Cheating Rumors

003--16-there-have-been-a-ton-of-cheating-ru-06794163cfe8b50e9500849aaa1d9bccWhile the marriage has been seemingly healthy, Will and Jada are constantly followed by rumors that they are cheating on each other. Will was rumored to have been cheating with multi-time co-star Margot Robbie, while Jada was rumored to be cheating with Marc Anthony after he and Jennifer Lopez were divorced. This next secret may be the reason for this open marriage…

#15 Will and Jada Disagree on How to Raise the Kids

004--15-will-and-jada-disagree-on-how-to-rai-8c9f679705e33b23d507fddd6adfda36For parents, communication and remaining together in terms of parenting styles is often a good way to go. But for Will and Jada, they differ in that regard. Rumors state that Will pushed his children into show business, while Jada isn’t a big fan of that. Will just wanted his son to be the next Fresh Prince!

#14 Jaden is a Special Snowflake

005--14-jaden-is-a-special-snowflake-312065Jaden Smith has earned a reputation for being a little strange. While he has some weird interviews, it is largely his social media use and various quotes that give people this idea. Jaden’s one tweet back in October of 2013 read “We Need To Stop Teaching The Youth About The Past And Encourage Them To Change The Future.” Check out the next entry to learn a little bit more about his sister, who also has the reputation of being a little strange.