These Are 18 Of the Worst Things to Happen On a Hollywood Set

FeaturedTragicWhile the action and themes on film are often violent and dangerous, movie sets are normally a pretty safe place to be. There is a very large crew there who are experts at their particular job, and things usually go perfectly and the movie or TV show is shot without any big problems. However, that is not always the case. Throughout the years, there have been some truly awful and horrible things that have happened on these sets. And these 18you are about to check out in the article are some of the worst, with number 5 being particularly bad. These things range from deaths to arguments, to affairs and more.

#18 A Helicopter Decapitated 3 Actors

001--18-a-helicopter-decapitated-3-actors-99ead24d2919fe181576019392997905This is probably the most visually horrific accident that has happened on the set of a film. During filming the Twilight Zone, a helicopter had a slight malfunction due to pyrotechnics, which led to it decapitating two actors and crushing a third. Check out the 10th spot for another movie set death, which is probably the most famous one of them all.

#17 Vin Diesel’s Stuntman Died

002--17-vin-diesel-s-stuntman-died-306996XXX was the film that turned Vin Diesel into an A-List star for a while and garnered him many more action movie roles. However, it wasn’t him doing the stunts. His stunt double’s name was Harry O’Connor, and he would, unfortunately, die on the set of XXX when a stunt went bad and he crashed into a bridge.

#16 Ingrid Bergman Affair

003--16-ingrid-bergman-affair-306998There have been numerous affairs in Hollywood, but few have ruined a career like Bergman’s did. At the time. Bergman was one of the biggest actresses out there, but when she had an affair with a married man (while also being married herself) on the set of a film, she was vilified in the public. Check out number 8 on this list for another affair that rocked the pop culture world.

#15 Robert Abel’s Fraud

004--15-robert-abel-s-fraud-8f4d5b66960dd83f869dae47f6fb97b2Abel was contacted to do some of the set work and creation for Star Trek, but it all ended up being a huge and fraudulent lie. Abel continually requested more and more money from the producers, but they agreed as the movie had to get done. As it turned out, Abel’s work was not anywhere close to worth the money and he was using the extra money to fund a failing business.

#14 David Russell and George Clooney Fight

159337958LL071_18th_Annual_Actor’s and directors often disagree, especially when they have egos as big as these two guys. But despite this, it rarely gets physical. However, this one definitely did as these two men engaged in an all-out brawl on the set of Three Kings. Check out the 6th entry on this list for another fight between people, but one that didn’t get physical.