These 18 Photos Of The Little Girl Raised By Animals Are Amazing


Tippi Degre was born to French wildlife photographers. While this alone sets her apart from many other children, her childhood was particularly different. She was raised in the African wildlife while her parents made a career out of their art. Her story is incredible, and luckily she has much photo evidence so as to always remind her of her amazing opportunities to be raised in a truly unique way. You won’t believe all of the things that Tippi was able to experiences as a child. Click through to see her remarkable story of the unique way in which she was raised.

#18 Tippi Had No Fear

001--18-tippi-had-no-fear-313876Tippi was able to grow up around these wild animals. While some might feel a little terrified when running into an elephant, it was an extremely normal thing for Tippi to experience. Not everyone has even seen a real elephant up close and personal, but for Tippi, this was something you experienced every day of her life.