These 18 Famous People Were Killed By Animals

#13 Surinder Singh Bajwa

006--13-surinder-singh-bajwa-301257While he was alive, Bajwa was the deputy Mayor of Delhi, India. Unfortunately, he only was able to enjoy the title for a few months before he was killed. He was killed by a group of monkeys that found their way into his home. For someone else that got killed by a similar monkey, check out number 5.

#12 José Gómez Ortega

007--12-jose-go-mez-ortega-301263People in Spain are simply obsessed with bull-fighting, and in the golden era for the sport, Ortega was the most famous fighter around. But despite his skill, it wasn’t enough to save him on the unfortunate day when the bull got the best of him. For another person that was killed for the sake of entertainment, check out number 7.

#11 Vitaly Nikolayenko

008--11-vitaly-nikolayenko-301267Just like the first entry on the list, this man was a true expert on bears. Nikolayenko had more than 30 years experience with bears, but that didn’t stop one from killing him, in what was a huge loss to the scientific community. Also, his death only happened a few months before Treadwell’s. This next one will make you look at dogs differently…

#10 Jean Batten

009--10-jean-batten-301270Jean Batten was an absolute legend in aviation and was the owner of a number of record-breaking flights for her time. She was a hero and role model for women of all ages. But in her later years, while traveling the world, she was bitten and attacked by a dog which ended up killing her. I guess dogs aren’t always man’s best friend.

#9 Jacky Boxburger

010--9-jacky-boxburger--e1c85ca70fc267b9cc27282e8b61fe2cBoxburger was a world famous French athlete and was a rare talent, as he could race in both short and long track races. He attended four straight Olympic games from 1968 to 1984. And while knee injuries forced him to retire early, his unbelievable death story in 2001 kept him in pop culture. While on a trip to Kenya, he was actually killed by an elephant.