These 18 Facts About the Earth Will Shock You


Even though the earth has been around for billions and billions of years, there is still a lot about it that will surprise and shock almost every person. Even scientists who spend their entire adult lives studying and learning about the earth, also become shocked at some of the secrets that the earth holds. And if they can be shocked and surprised by something they study and know so well, then you can t0o. So read on and get ready to be shocked and surprised by these 18 facts about the earth, and you simply won’t believe number 5.

#18 The Earth Isn’t Actually Round

001--18-the-earth-isn-t-actually-round--c5575a3905aaa5fb2980fc4d5150bff9Despite popular belief, the earth isn’t actually round. But it isn’t flat either, like a lot of people think. While it is mainly round, centrifugal forces push outwards on the equator, which gives the earth a bit of a “waist”. ¬†For another entry that disproves a popular theory, check out number 10 on this list.