These 18 Celeb Couples Have Age Gaps You Wouldn’t Believe


There is an old saying that age is just a number, and for the most part, that reigns true. As long as both parties in a relationship are of a legal age, it is perfectly acceptable in the eyes of the law. And while that may be the case, we can’t help feel a tad strange when someone is dating someone twice as old as them (or more!) and vice versa. And while everyone is free to do what they want in terms of their relationships, their age gaps will likely shock you, especially when it comes to number 10.

#18 R Kelly and Halle Calhoun

001--18-r-kelly-and-halle-calhoun-203032Starting off this list we have the most recent relationship on this list. Rapper R Kelly has had a long history with women, but this newest relationship of his is definitely among the strangest. The 49-year-old Kelly had recently begun dating Halle Calhoun, who is only 19 years old, that’s a massive 30 year age gap.