These 12 Dogs Seemed Hopeless. The Before/After Photos Of These Rescues Will Amaze You!

#7 Theo

006--7-theo-510912Theo’s owner skipped bail and left his poor dog to fend for himself. When the rescue organization Hope For Paws found him, he was just days from death due to his rapidly deteriorating medical situation. It’s horrible to think that someone could even think about doing that to an animal!

#6 Vita

007--6-vita-510924When Vita was found in a Los Angeles, California junkyard, he weighed only 70 pounds. This is pretty striking considering dogs of his breed should weigh well over 100 pounds! After several months of veterinary care, he is now healthy and beginning training classes to become a police dog! Now that’s a happy ending!

#5 Olivia

008--5-olivia-510867Wow! Olivia’s owners were really messed up! They thought it was funny to try to starve her to death. Thankfully, they were arrested by the police before she died of malnutrition. She now lives in a shelter and is much healthier. We think she looks pretty darn fantastic nowadays!

#4 Shrek

009--4-shrek-510935No… not like Shrek the ogre. This is Shrek the maltie-poo! He was rescued about a year ago and has since become a favorite of the staff at the rescue shelter where he lives. Still, though, we’re sure he’s ready to find his forever home and family!

#3 Woody

010--3-woody-510942Poor Woody! After his owner died, this adorable dog ran away to live under a neighbor’s floorboards. When they finally found him a few months later, he was blind in one eye and had a severe respiratory infection. He’s happily living with his new adoptive family now, and his time in the floorboards is nothing but a distant memory!