These 12 Cheaters Got What They Deserved (In Public, Too)

featured-imageA relationship is something that should be cherished. You are basically agreeing to exclusively see one person and as a result, should not be dating or “seeing” others. However, it is a far too common occurrence for an individual to cheat on their significant other for one reason or another. This is a terrible and cowardly act, yet people still continue to do it all the time. However, sometimes, the victim of the cheating gets the last laugh and the cheater gets what they deserve in the end, like in these 12 examples.


Number 5 is an especially epic takedown!

#12 New Window Decal


This lady was obviously not very happy with her significant other. It looks as if a man was cheating on his wife, so she decided to empty the bank account and bounce with the guy’s kids in tow. Ouch! Check out the number 10 entry for another “alteration” to a vehicle.

#11 Meet The Neighbor


Normally, people will post flyers advertising things like garage sales or other events, but this doesn’t exactly fit the criteria. A man printed these out to tell his neighbors that a man in the neighborhood was cheating with his wife! I wonder how many of these he printed and posted in the neighborhood?

#10 Au-Dang!


If you are the owner of a beautiful car and you cheat on your significant other, don’t be shocked if that is the first thing they go after as payback. Normally they may key it or draw on it, but this scorned individual went as far as to hit the car with a number of different axes. I’m going to guess whatever the car owner did, must have been pretty horrific.

#9 Home Redecoration


Everyone loves a little exterior home redecoration, but I don’t think this is what they had in mind. This homeowner obviously cheated with someone’s man, and they were not too happy about it. They went above and beyond to ensure that everyone in the neighborhood knew who lived here.