These 12 Celebs Are Much Older Than You Thought

6. ROB LOWE – 52

Rob Lowe


Rob Lowe was born on March 17, 1964. He’s 52-years-old and aging gracefully.

From his role as Sam Seaborn on The West Wing to his hilarious turn on Parks and Recreation, this actor doesn’t just have youthful looks, he also carries himself with a fun loving youthful attitude that keeps him looking young.

It’s hard to imagine this former party boy as he once was, especially as he spends time with his college-aged children.

We’ll have whatever he’s eating.

7. Gabrielle Union – 43

Gabrielle Union

There is no way Gabrielle Union is really 43-years-old. I refuse to believe it. Yet, she was in fact born on October 29, 1972.

We loved her in Bring It On and she is still turning heads to this very day.

Even as she ages she continues to take on various roles, many of them with sexy characters that we still fall in love with.

She is the perfect example that proves age is just a number.

8. Dylan McDermott – 54

Dylan McDermott

There must have been something in the water on October 26, 1961 because damn if Dylan McDermott isn’t still a sexy looking man.

This A-list actor has won a Golden Globe and was considered for an Emmy.

He has a hectic work schedule but he’s still aging at a slower rate than humanly possible.

We’ll have whatever he’s having.

Wait, Dylan McDermott is 52? He played a great role on The Practice as attorney Bobby Donnell, where he won a Golden Globe as well as consideration for an Emmy. They must be putting something in the water at craft services on the set of Hostage that defies age!

9. Lucy Liu – 47

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu was born on December 2, 1968 and we’re pretty sure she stopped aging around 1990. It’s hard to believe that this Charlie’s Angel is now 47-years-old.

We watch her weekly on the hit TV series Elementary and she definitely doesn’t show her age.

She’s not only sexy at 47, she’s also a smart actress who earned a degree from the University of Michigan.

10. Pharrell Williams – 43

Pharrell Williams

This music legend was born on April 5, 1973 and he has remained his youthful look and outlook on life with his brightly colored clothing and strange but fun hat selections.

It always amazes us when celebrities work as hard as Williams but don’t show signs of aging. In fact, they seem to look even better every time we see them.

He’s still banging out hits like “Happy” which topped the Billboard charts.