Then and Now: The Child Actors of Desperate Housewives

Screenshot - 24_10_2016 , 3_56_17 p_mFor the better part of a decade, the popular TV show “Desperate Housewives” dominated Sunday night TV. The show was one of the most watched in history and won numerous different awards from Emmys to Golden Globes and more. In addition to being critically acclaimed, this show launched the career of many different actors, both young and old. While the seasoned actors on the show received the most praise, there were numerous talented actors play children on the show. But with the show being off the air for years, what have those children been up to? Well, let’s find out. You’ll be shocked at what the 10th entry has done since the show.

#18 Andrea Bowen

001--18-andrea-bowen-393240The first actor we will look at is Andrea Bowen. Bowen played Julie Mayer on the show, and critics loved her. She won two SAG awards for her performance in the show. Since being done with “Desperate Housewives”, the 25-year old has starred in G.B.F and throughout her career, she has appeared in other shows such as “One Tree Hill”, “Law and Order” and more.

#17 Mason Vale Cotton

002--17-mason-vale-cotton-393536Vale Cotton is now 13 years old and is without a doubt best known in show business for his role as MJ Delfino. Since that role, he was also cast as a child actor in another amazing show, “Mad Men.” He is still very young, so look for him to have a very long career in the business as he already has two big roles under his belt.

#16 Cody Kasch

003--16-cody-kasch-393557Kasch had the role of Zach Young on “Desperate Housewives” and did a very good job. His acting was good enough to secure his roles on “Criminal Minds” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” However, the now-28 year old got in some trouble during his time on the show as he was arrested for marijuana possession at 17, but the charges were later dismissed.

#15 Shane and Brent Kinsman

004--15-shane-and-brent-kinsman-393603The now-17-year-old twins secured roles as Porter and Preston Scavo on “Desperate Housewives.” They appeared in seasons one through four and have also appeared in the Cheaper by the Dozen films. But the two have now retired from acting to focus on school. This also isn’t the only time brothers had roles on the shows, check out the 13th entry for proof.

#14 Kendall Applegate

005--14-kendall-applegate-393607On the fifth and sixth seasons of the show, Applegate played the youngest member of the Scavo family and is now 16 years old. While she is probably best known for her role as Penny Scavo, she has also appeared in a few short TV movies and shows. You may remember this next stud…