The Wedding Photographer Wasn’t Expecting To Capture This

#15 How To Ruin An Amazing Wedding Photo In One Second
The worst wedding photo timing ever

This is the exact type of hilarious moment that will last a lifetime we will always remember. The look on this guys face and the photographer capturing him as he tried to get out of frame is hilarious. A ruined wedding photo? Absolutely not. We do question, however, why he didn’t realize the photo was about to be taken.

#14 Don’t Schedule Your Wedding On Training Day
Training Day on the beach during a wedding

There’s no way this couple could have known that a military group would be involved in training on the same day they were getting married. As we stated before, this is why a public wedding on a beach or other public location has its risks. At the same time, talk about a truly unique wedding photo! I would honestly be okay if this happened to me. In fact, I would have loved to see a video.

#13 This Has To Be The Most High-Tech Wedding Photobomb of All-Time
The high tech wedding fail photobom

When it comes to photobombing this guy has a high-tech solution that makes him the master of photobombs. Look closely and you’ll notice that he is giving a big thumbs up to the camera. He also seems to be wearing a nice outfit so this was likely the jokester of the wedding party.

#12 Slippin’ On The Dock of The Bay…Wedding Photos - Dock Sinking

10 minutes after this dock broke the bride and groom got married. This photo is a popular one that has spread around the internet like wildfire. The moral of the story is that shoving a ton of people on a boat dock is a very bad idea. This isn’t the first time this has happened at a wedding and it probably won’t be the last.

#11 Keep It Classy Ladies
The bridesmaid butt grab

Tip number one about attending a wedding: Remember that the camera is always watching and it is likely to capture your every move. The fact that two bridesmaids are doing this, we have to assume they were given really uncomfortable dresses to wear. At least there’s a funny photo to share for many years to come.