The Story Of The World’s Smallest Couple Is Heartwarming


Love is one of the greatest feelings any person can experience in their lifetime. Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. You can love your family, your friends, and even your pets. But the best part of love is falling into it with one other special person that you want to be your life partner. Not everyone gets to experience this great feeling, and not everyone might ever even know what it means to love someone. But for Paulo and Katyucia, they definitely know the emotion pretty well. Click through to read about their amazing love story as the world’s tiniest couple!

#18 Meet Paulo And Katyucia

001--18-meet-paulo-and-katyucia-324758Paulo and Katyucia may be known as the world’s smallest couple. They both suffer from rare genetic disorders and forms of dwarfism that cause them to not have the average human stature. But they never let their size get in the way of their relationship. Their love story is truly one of a kind.