The One With 12 Obscure Facts About “Friends”



On September 22, 1994, the first episode of “Friends” aired on NBC, and it became an instant hit with 21.5 million viewers. Eventually, the show became one of the biggest things to come out of the ’90s, and its series finale on May 6, 2004 became the sixth biggest finale of all time with 65.9 million viewers. To this day, the six stars from the show receive $20 million a piece from the franchise’s massive yearly income of $1 billion from syndication. We take a look at 12 things you might not have know about the hit show.

12) The One With Lisa Kudrow’s Pregnancy


During season four, Phoebe Buffay became a surrogate mother for her brother Frank and his new wife Alice. Behind the scenes, Lisa Kudrow was pregnant with her son Julian Murray Stern, so the directors figured it would be a cool thing to incorporate it into the show. She gave birth to Julian on May 7, 1998, which is the same date that season four’s finale aired on NBC.

11) The One With No Pregnancy For Monica Bing


When Courteney Cox was pregnant with Coco Riley Arquette during the show’s final season, the producers couldn’t write it in the show. Why? Well, it was already established in the show that both Monica and Chandler were infertile. Fortunately, they were given twins named Jack and Erica through a surrogate mother Erica in the series finale.

10) The One With Everyone Being An Arquette


Courteney Cox married actor David Arquette on June 12, 1999. In the season premiere of season six titled “The One After Vegas,” her name was changed to Courteney Cox Arquette in the credits. Fortunately, the other cast members and executive producers also had “Arquette” added to their name. The show was dedicated to the newlyweds.

9) The One With Emily Written Out Of The Show


Helen Baxendale is best known by “Friends” fans as Ross’ ex-wife Emily Waltham, who was introduced in season four. The actress was pregnant with her first child during the show, and since she lived in the U.K., she wasn’t able to travel back and forth to work. The writers were dealt with the hard task of writing her out of the show.