The Full Story Of Brangelina’s Relationship From Start To Finish


The lives of celebrities are relatively easy to follow. We can read about them in gossip magazines, watch them in interviews, and Google the latest facts about their day-to-day lives. With that being said, sometimes it can feel like we’re personally vested in a celebrity couple’s relationship because we’ve seen it blossom from the early days and we follow it until, as it seems is commonly the case with celebrity marriages, it falls apart.

The relationship of Brad Pitt and Angelina or “Brangelina,” as they’ve affectionately been dubbed, has been well-documented since the beginning. Sadly, though, that relationship came to an end recently when Jolie filed for divorce. Learn more about the relationship these mega-stars had, from its beginning, all the way to its unfortunate end.

#18 The Beginning

001--18-the-beginning-370828Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship started back in 2004 when they co-starred together in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” There was only one complication: Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time. With the beginning of Pitt and Jolie’s relationship came the end of Pitt and Aniston’s 5-year marriage.