The Best 18 Never Before Seen Photos of President Obama

#13 Family Moments

006--13-family-moments-261589This is an oldie but goodie! In this picture, a very young Barack Obama is seated with his family for a formal portrait. Barack is looking dapper as ever in his tiny suit. None of them look too excited to be there, but we’re sure he and the rest of the family are thankful that they preserved these special family moments.

#12 You Can Call Me On My Cell Phone

007--12-you-can-call-me-on-my-cell-phone-261640This photograph is pretty funny! The President is talking on his super secret cell phone, but still taking a moment to flash a funny face at the cameras. We can only imagine what is being said on the other side of that phone. It must be kind of hard to keep a sense of humor when you’re dealing with international security threats every single day!

#11 A Hat Guy?

008--11-a-hat-guy--261208President George H.W. Bush has often called himself a “sock guy” in reference to his impressive collection of colorful and patterned socks, but President Obama has yet to recognize his love for hats. Here he is looking fedor-able! There are plenty of photos of him trying on different styles… we’ll show you another on slide 11!

#10 All Hail Queen Bey

009--10-all-hail-queen-bey-261364Even the President fangirls sometimes! In this picture, he is hanging out with megastars Beyonce and Jay Z. This quiet meeting was arranged during a White House State Dinner. We’re pretty jealous as this must have been the coolest dinner ever. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with this trio of awesomeness and world domination?

#9 Smile For The Camera

010--9-smile-for-the-camera-261035This photograph can be linked back to President Obama’s first visit to Kenya in 1987. He is shown with a large amount of his extended family, including some of his brothers and sisters. We have to say- Barack looks quite dapper with his dark hair and clean white shirt! Next is another classic photo of Barack in one of his hats…