The Best 18 Never Before Seen Photos of President Obama

FeaturedObamaLots of people have said that President Barack Obama will be the most beloved President of our time. He’s funny, light-hearted, yet still calm and collected in the face of danger. Throughout his two terms in Washington, he has had lots of special moments that were caught on camera, though few have ever been seen by the public! To fix that, we gathered up 18 of the best never before seen pictures that were taken of the President both before and during his time in the White House!


Without further ado, check out these 18 incredible pictures of our Commander in Chief!

#18 A Trip To The Beach

001--18-a-trip-to-the-beach-261071Starting us off is this adorable image of a young Barack Obama playing on the beach with his maternal grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham. Dunham and his wife Madelyn raised Obama in Honolulu, Hawaii, from the age of ten. From the looks of this picture, Barack really enjoyed spending time with his grandpa! Should we be worried about that other young boy behind him with the stick, though?

#17 No Smoking Allowed

002--17-no-smoking-allowed-261100Uh oh! It’s no secret that President Obama has enjoyed a few cigarettes in his lifetime, but fewer people know that he used marijuana frequently as a teenager. This is clearly evidenced in this photograph, but kids will be kids, right?! It’s no wonder marijuana became legal in so many states while he was president. Another photo of the President smoking at #2!

#16 Wedding Bells

003--16-wedding-bells-261335We just LOVE this photo of Barack and Michelle Obama on their wedding day! Their marriage has become an icon for plenty of American young people, and their early romance was recently chronicled in the new feature film “Southside With You.” Anyone who loves to follow this Obama’s marriage will enjoy the film- and this picture!

#15 A Man And His Dog

004--15-a-man-and-his-dog-b39515941b35b3defcd5a5e3235c6473Dogs really are man’s best friend! In this case, they are a President’s best friend. In the picture, President Obama is enjoying a few playful moments on the south lawn of the White House with his dog Bo. In his free time, the President enjoys watching and playing all sports, though we hear basketball is his most favorite!

#14 The Choom Gang

Early Obama: The Choom GangWhen Barack Obama was an older teen, he hung out with a close group of guy friends. They called themselves “The Choom Gang” (though no one is sure why)… Rumor has it that they still get together whenever possible. It’s pretty crazy to believe that this rowdy bunch has a future President in it! This next picture will really pull at your heart strings.