The 48 Best Celebrity Photobombs Ever

We all love a good photobomb. No matter who you are, it’s a hilarious pleasure to see an unintended subject leaping into the frame of a picture. This is just as true for the most famous among us!

We found no shortage of celebrity photobombs out there on the internet. From candid shots at home to red carpet shenanigans, celebrities are just as happy as the rest of us to ruin somebody else’s photo opportunity. We cultivated the best that we found and gathered them here for your viewing pleasure.

48. Zooey Deschanel



For our first photobomb, we chose this fantastic shot of Jesse Tyler Ferguson, star of ABC’s Modern Family, getting the ol’ rabbit ears from fellow sitcom star Zooey Deschanel. Zooey has always been known for being adorkable, and this shot proves it all over again.

47. Robert Pattinson


When obliging a photo opportunity with some fans while out on the town, Twilight star Robert Pattinson decided to have a little bit of fun. Instead of posing like a normal adult human, he’s squatting between their legs, like a spooky toddler. We’re actually kind of proud of him.

46. Nicolas Cage


When you’re out grocery shopping with your new baby and you see Nicolas Cage, you take a picture with him. If you’re trying to be sneaky about it, Nicolas Cage just might do the honor of a photobombing. Our only question is, why does Cage have two pairs of sunglasses on?

45. Jay-Z


Apparently something smells rotten in the recording studio, because that’s the best “ew” face we’ve ever seen, courtesy of HOVA himself, Jay-Z. Maybe Robin Thicke ate too many burritos, or his production pantomime isn’t going over well; either way, it’s worth it!

44. Neil Patrick Harris


This one is a stone cold photobomb classic: everyone’s favorite showman Neil Patrick Harris swoops in to bomb the stuffing out of power couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s selfie. The gorgeous couple is, of course, unflappable even in the face of NPH!

43. Lady Gaga


While Katy Perry stands to attention, pointing off camera with confidence, we see a glimmer of menace on the edge of the red carpet. What or who is it? A demon? No! It’s Lady Gaga, rocking a top notch creep game beneath a huge bob haircut. Everything about this is great.

42. Leonardo DiCaprio


Our first Creeper Award™ goes to Leonardo DiCaprio for floating up behind this intimate selfie taken by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Naomi Campbell. Look, we know the dude is a great artist and rich as all get out, but he needs an intervention on the hair situation.

41. Taye Diggs

With his latest role, as the titular transgendered singer in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway, Taye Diggs has truly shown his range as an actor and performer. With this latest picture, he’s showing just how far he can stick his tongue out. We’re not sure which we should be more impressed with, to be honest!

40. Johnny Depp

Ever since their first magical pairing on Edward Scissorhands, Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton have been the closest of friends. These two weirdos belong together, as anyone who’s seen them interact can attest. When it comes to a traditional red carpet walk, would we expect anything less than a creepy fedora and cheshire grin?

39. Darren Criss


At first, Lea Michelle seems perturbed about this high octane photobomb from Glee costar Darren Criss, but by the third panel, she’s clearly not mad. The dude looks like he’s having way too much fun to ruin her day anyway!