The 12 Best Halloween Pet Costumes Of All Time

featured-imageHalloween is one of the greatest times of the year. Dogs and cats are among the greatest living things on the planet. When you combine the two, what do you get? A whole lot of amazing, that’s for sure. People love getting cute and creative with their own costumes, but when it comes to their pets, the level of uniqueness is all the more heightened. Pets are pretty cute and adorable on their own, so even the most simple of costumes can be a whole new level of adorable that we can barely handle. So if you’re ready for a hilariously cute overload, click through to see the best twelve Halloween pet costumes ever. You won’t believe the level of creativity some people have!

#12 A Bunch Of Superheroes


When you put a baby in a costume, it’s cute. When you put a dog in a costume, it’s even cuter! What could go wrong in this picture of absolute adorableness? The three of these cuties together make the absolute best team of superheroes we’ve ever seen.

#11 Vampire Cat


Vampires can sometimes be seen as pretty spooky Halloween creatures. There’s pretty much nothing scary about this picture, however. Cats in costumes are cute, but kittens?! Get out of here with that adorable costume; we can barely take it! In all seriousness, though, how did they get those little fangs to stay on the animal?

#10 Officer Bark


When you pass by a cop on the street, it can be a bit scary and tense, even if you’re not doing anything wrong. But if this little cop walked by me, I wouldn’t be able to hold back and not pet him! Whether he’s a good cop or a bad cop, it doesn’t matter. All we know for sure is he’s a cute cop!

#9 Spidey Dog


This costume is not only adorable, but we can’t help but feel a little scared of it. There’s just something about giant spiders doesn’t necessarily feel right to us. But after the initial shock of a dog running towards you when you get home, you can’t help but melt at how cute this little guy is.