Texas Family Finds Rattlesnake In Their Toilet And 23 Other More Inside Their House

Rattlesnakes are fairly common in Texas. You’ll see them slithering around the dessert but not inside the house. Especially inside the toilet!


You know that irrational fear that a snake will pop out the toilet when you use it? It just happened in real life. But thankfully nobody was using the toilet when the rattlesnake popped out.

But after finding one in the toilet, the family wasn’t prepared to see more inside their house! It was like a family of snakes were also living with them. Just imagine the horror of seeing a group of rattlesnakes inside your house. Let’s read more about the terrifying story.

8. Snake In The Toilet

The young boy from Abilene, Texas, woke up one Tuesday morning and headed to the bathroom. To his surprise, he found a rattlesnake slithering up his toilet bowl, KXVA reported. “I found this big clump, and I knew it was a snake,” said Isac. Thankfully, Isac was alert and didn’t go potty with the snake inside the toilet. Or else.

7. Mom To The Rescue

He quickly called his mom, Cassie McFadden, who called one of Isac’s older brothers to get a shovel to kill the snake. “I was just like, what do you do with this? What do you do with this? I don’t know!” Cassie shared. If we were them, we would also panic and go blank. But the shovel did help, and they were able to breathe again. Cassie sent a photo to his husband who was at work, and his jaw dropped.

6. Dead Snake

After dealing with the toilet serpent, the family called Big Country Snake Removal for help. The owner Nathan Hawkins showed up and saw the toilet serpent corpse floating in the toilet. He then asked the family if he could do a quick walk around and check the rest of the house for more snakes. Of course, the family agreed.

5. Some More Snakes

Nathan Hawkins walked around the house, and his experience and intuition led him to the family’s old storm cellar where he found 13 more snakes slithering around on top of each other. But aside from the 13, he also found ten more snakes underneath the house. If that doesn’t give you chills, then I don’t know what will. These snakes completely outnumber the McFadden family.