Terrifying Religious Cults That May Still Be Active Today

There are so many cults out there it is hard to determine which one has the direct line to the big guy in the sky. Statistically, there has to be one or two that have it right, right?

All joking aside, every religious group has a tendency to cross the line from doctrine into paranoia and ultimately, abuse. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the most enigmatic cults that are, in all likelihood, still active today.

Take some time to browse through the top 10 cults across the world and you might find one that is meant for you.

(Note: We do not recommend joining any cults. Please, think for yourself.)

10. The Brethren

Any cult list has to start with a group called The Brethren. They are basically hobos who live on nothing in order to prepare for the end of days. They go by the names of “Body of Christ” and “Garbage Eaters,” respectfully. If you don’t like eating garbage, the cult in #9 might be more your style.